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We'd like to begin building up a mailing list of people who would be interested to know of any events or news to do with the band in future. If that sounds like you then please fill in your details below and check the 'Please add me to your mailing list' box before sending. We are very conscious of your privacy, and will not pass this information on to any third party. You will only hear from us when there's something to tell you, so we won't be filling up your inbox! On completion you should receive a confirmation email, which will request you to click through to confirm your wish to join. This is just to discourage people from entering bogus addresses or signing others up without consent.
If you just want to leave us a message without signing up, then please do - you'll still need to leave a name and email address at present, we may change this to allow anonymous messages in future - if you really want to keep your identity to yourself then just enter a spoof address and let us know in the message that you don't want a reply!
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