Gutter Brothers website launchedPosted: 2003-12-10

Dennis Johnson on stage c.1990Over ten years after their demise, the Gutter Brothers finally have a website! After receiving the sad news of the death of founder member Dennis Johnson, the rest of the band decided to get together for a reunion concert in Den's memory. One thing leads to another, and while this website was initially intended just to promote the event, in response to continuing interest it's turned into something of an official site for the band, and hopefully a fitting memorial of sorts for Den.
This news section is not likely to be updated very often, but anything worthy of note over the coming years (any further reunion gigs, for example!) will be reported here, so watch this space! Alternatively, drop us a line or leave us your email address on the contact page and we'll let you know if anything interesting's coming up related to the GBs! There is also a growing library of pictures of the band and the many and various members from over the years which we will gradually be adding to over the coming months, a definitive history and a catalog of the band's songs, featuring (eventually) all of the band's lyrics, mostly written by Dennis. Due to popular demand, all the Gutter Brothers back catalog will soon be available on CD and (with any luck!) DVD, and we plan to make this available somehow via this site in future. Many thanks for help with getting the site put together to Keady Green, Rita Laban and Trish McGrady.

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