Thank You!Posted: 2006-02-28
A huge "Thank You" to you all out there who came to the gigs a couple of weeks ago. All three shows were fantastic fun, whilst being very different from each other.

The first time at the Boardwalk in Sheffield was a lovely way to open up, and we met up with old friends and made some new ones - some who had never seen us live at all, but had the video of Fools & Horses, and couldn't believe we had a poster up for the gig so long after! As ever, the stories people bring with them add so much to the connective experience of the music.

London was exactly as it should be - stompin' and rockin' our way through the whole catalogue, complete with Charlie on Pan Pipes, Jo Cocker on guest vocals, and a sweaty room full of joyful singing crowd.

The Blues on the Farm show (at 3.45 in the afternoon!) was amazing. Never been there before, watching or playing, but what a gig! An incredibly friendly, relaxed, funky, bluesy weekend, full of great music, beer, home brewed cider, good food, fantastic weather, and a festive 2,500 strong crowd - many with their old GB T shirts still in good form!

So again, thanks for coming and joining in - it means so much to us all that you all come and get involved. And as long as you keep coming, we'll keep playing! We don't see any good reason to stop this now, so the good news is that we'll defo be back in 2007 for some more shows, so watch this space.

Meantime I'm finishing those everlasting video transfers, which i'll be emailing you all about soon, and we're even talking about the possibility of writing a few more tunes, and brushing off Jez and his mixing desk to record a couple............let you know as we go!

Please keep writing to us - it's great to hear from you. Sometimes it takes a little while to get back, so apologies if you're awaiting a reply at the moment. Just getting back to normal after the mad whirl that doing this once a year involves - finally rescued all the lost stuff and found all the missing socks, washboards, dog brushes etc, so I'll catch up with all that email very soon - thanks for your patience.

Well, got to get back to it, and soon enough it'll be time to start planning for 2007. Many thanks again, to all of you who drove miles (some more than one night!) to come and say hello and enjoy yourselves with us, and for continuing to support the Gutter Brothers.

I'll be updating the News with several items very soon, watch out!

Love to you and yours, wherever we found you, talk very soon



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