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The Failsafe
Already Dead
Summer In The City
I Ain't Afraid
The Failsafe
Words: Dennis Johnson, Music: Steve Turner
Den's visions of armageddon and his mistrust of technology. This was consequently one of the 'eavier numbers, which Mark later did justice to with a very stark video. We struggled to play this with the skiffle line up, but it became a staple of the later four piece line up's set
Itís cost effective thatís a fact, we harness it and hold it back
Delivered safely to your home, but you can pay by telephone
Just plug it in and let it flow through the circuits of your video
Flip the switch from stop to go, then chill out in the afterglow
Itís the customer who must assume the praise for this consumer boom
We meet demand, we will supply all that you need to stay alive
Consider all the time we save with laser beams and microwaves
And night lights for the not so brave, from the cradle to the grave
But when the power fails, and the lights go dim
Thereís just a spark still flickering, a world of darkness closes in
And when the rotor blades grind to a halt, could be that the failsafe has a fault
Its overpriced, thatís what you say, and how can we afford to pay
For something that comes naturally, naturally it should be free
Its purpose built, no effort spared , and if you want some buy a share
Weíve got plenty in reserve, to deal with any power surge
When the power fails and the lights go dead
The failsafe shifts from green to red, weíve got problems in the master grid
And when a Dark Age falls upon your little little town, could be that the failsafe let you down
We generate world energy for private use and industry
For progress and prosperity, and future wealth security
Itís the universal catalyst that keeps us from the dark abyss
Itís linear and dangerous and itís the cornerstone for all of us
When the lights go out and things look bad, the powerful and the power mad
From Tel Aviv to Islamabad take back what you never had
If the radar fails to spot that blip, malfunction in the microchip
Look to the skies and bite your lip and pray that the firstís a direct hit
When the power fails and things start going wrong
The power struggle struggles on, into the next millenium
In the dark you find you have no friends at all
Could be that there never was a failsafe after all